a place where something new can be found

Our Mission

To be a life-giving church that FORGES safe spaces to GATHER, GROW, GIVE, and GO!

Core Values
How do we stay on track?

1. First We Pray: We pray over everything. Prayer is the way we know if we are on God’s mission first. We want to know where God is moving and join him there, that is why we pray first.  

2. Keep Everything in the Light: We want to have zero secrets. We believe the best way to stay on mission as a movement is for everyone to be on the same page. We want to be in the light as Christ is in the light.

3. Love: Everything we do will be out of love. Even when dealing with our enemies, Jesus says to love. Love will be the foundation for everything we do as a movement.

4. No Sacred Cows: Everything has a shelf life, even ideas, mission statements, programs, and buildings. There is no "one thing" that is more important than staying on mission. If we must change something to stay on mission, we will.

5. Fun Matters: We think serving the Lord should be fun. We take God seriously, everything else not as much. We want to have fun serving the Lord. When it ceases to be fun, we may need to take a deep look inside.

6. Stay on Mission: Mission trumps everything else. It trumps our emotions, feelings, personal preferences, and traditions. May we stay on mission because this mission is what God has called us to carry out.

The Vision

How are we going to fulfill the mission?

1. Forge a Life-Giving Space
The hard work of building relationships is worth whatever it takes. We understand that building relationships in today's culture can be messy. It could be a friendship, a love relationship, or a relationship with Jesus; all can be hard in today's culture. Like in a Foundry where metals are melted down and then cast into different shapes, sizes, and products, we are a diverse community where we will do the hard work of building relationships. We pray to forge safe spaces where people can be forged to be more like Jesus and can become disciples of Christ!
1 John 2:5-6

2. Transformative Gatherings
We believe that Sunday mornings matter! We commit to forging a space on Sunday morning with excellent worship and biblically-based teaching. We commit to forging safe spaces where we gather to dig into God's word and serve our community. We love to gather with those in our faith community on Sunday mornings. Our relationship with Jesus doesn't end on Sunday morning but BEGINS on Sunday morning.  We commit to gathering on Sunday morning to celebrate what Jesus is doing in our lives and communities. We will also gather during the week to dive deeper into who Christ is through engaging in scripture and serving our community.
Matthew 18:19-20

3. Grow in Authentic Relationships
Healthy things GROW. That's the post! We pray that our people, families, and communities are healthy. We do this by starting with the individual first. We pray that 100% of the people at The Foundry will be involved in a small group where they feel free to ask hard questions to grow and be more like Jesus. We want to grow as individuals, but we also want to grow as a body of believers to plant more life-giving churches worldwide.
2 Peter 3:18

4. Give with Radical Generosity
Our God is generous. We will be a people of generosity. We want to show the world what it looks like when the people of God are radically generous with their time, talents, and treasures. This isn't about giving TO a church but about giving THROUGH a body of believers to accomplish exceedingly more than we can hope or imagine because we partner with the creator of the universe.
 2 Corinthians 9:7-8

5. Go with Christ at the Center
We are not a people who only gather inside a church and never make a difference outside our walls. Our calling is to GATHER and then GO and make disciples. Even more accurately, we are to make disciples in our "going. " So, while we are living our daily lives, we are making disciples in how we live, the words we speak, and the things we do daily. God calls us to follow him. The words "calls" and "follow" are action words that require that we MOVE! LETS GO!
Matthew 28:18-20