Our Story

How it all started...

Pastor Mike and Kristen planted three churches before Foundry Church. They have lived in Columbus, GA, since 2016. They believe that The Foundry will be the last church they pastor and their home church for the next 25 years.

Pastor Mike comes from a non-Christian home and has a real heart for people from a church-hurt or no church background. He loves to sit and listen to people's stories. He is ready to take you to coffee or lunch and hear your story. Reach out if you would like to chop it up!

Pastor Kristen grew up in a Christian home but had no real relationship with Christ until college. She has always enjoyed music and the arts. Kristen loves to spend time in nature connecting with God. She would love to sit and chat about life, music, arts, and connecting with God. Kristen loves coffee and would love to buy you one someday to discuss life.

It all started with a thought: why do we need church in today's cultural climate? This is what we asked ourselves after pastoring for 25+ years. Why? Is the Church even relevant? We can sit at home and listen to the best "messages," hit Spotify and listen to the best worship music, and even kick it with other people doing the same things whenever we want connection. So why do we need the church in today's world?

We went through a time of prayer and fasting, asking this same question. The one thing that we kept coming back to is hope. Even while watching sermons online and listening to songs on Spotify, three things were missing.
1. The feeling that we were a part of something bigger. When the Church is operating on all cylinders and looking to join God on mission, there is a sense of being a part of something bigger than ourselves. There is hope in that feeling.

2. The idea that shared resources do more than my own could ever do. It is the idea that the whole of the parts is better than the part itself. If you have the most fantastic set of rims and tires ever created, they don't go as far as they would if you attached them to the rest of the car. We will unite as a church and bind ourselves to one mission with God as the leader; BIG things can happen, God things! There is hope in knowing God is still doing God things, and we are here for it!

3. The idea of mission was missing in those moments of YouTube sermons and Spotify worship. Most of those sermons would end before any next steps could be given, or I could turn the sermon off and go about my own life and never worry about the mission. Our hope at The Foundry Church is that we disciple people to join God on mission in their workplace, school, community, or wherever they find themselves. Our hope has a mission!

So we felt called by God to plant a new work here in Columbus, GA, the city we call home and the city we LOVE! May God grant us the wisdom, strength, compassion, and justice to build a body of people who will love each other the way God loves us. May we love our neighbor as ourselves, gather, grow, give, and go. In Jesus' Name!

If you want more information about our story or hear more about The Foundry Church, Pastor Mike and Kristen would love to take you out for coffee or lunch. Please fill out the connection card at the bottom of the page, and let's connect. 

Why Launch a Church?

Why do we need another Church in Columbus, GA? We already have a ton of religious places of worship in Columbus, GA.

(all data taken from missioninsite.com)

-Population of Columbus, GA in 2023: 249,879
(projected to grow to 280,000 by 2035)

-Total number of households: 9,723
(projected to exceed 12,000+ by 2035)

Percentage of people in 2023 who express “not affiliated with a Church congregation” in Columbus, GA: 72.27%, up from 65.07% ten years ago.

46.8% of people in Columbus believe they have a relationship with God. That seems like a high number compared to almost 73% of people not affiliated with a Church community.

61.12% of people surveyed said they believe a relationship with Jesus does NOT require participation in the Church.

59.81% of people surveyed said they believe people in Churches do not behave in accordance with what they believe or are taught.

53.86% of people surveyed said they have lost trust in religion.

54.84% of people surveyed said they have lost trust in religious leaders.

54.91% of people surveyed said Churches are “too focused on the money.”

56.99% of people surveyed said churches are “too judgmental”.

Yet, 67.77% of those surveyed said that “the role religious faith in their life” plays, at least, a somewhat significant part in their life.

So, if almost 180,000 people (72% of the population) say they are not affiliated with a church and yet almost 68% of those same people say that religion plays, at least, a somewhat significant role in their lives, where is the disconnect?

I believe the disconnect is in the old mindset of the church, which is “build it, and they will come.” It is a beautiful concept explored in the book and movie, “Field of Dreams.” “Come and see” is the model the North American Church has perfected over the last 30+ years. Build buildings and services that people want to "come and see" and participate in what is happening on campus. Have a great worship service where people can "come and worship." Some of that still works today, but it begs the question that I heard someone ask, “If doing church better works, then how come we are doing church better than we have ever done it, yet more people than ever are walking away from church"?  The bottom line is that our definition, understanding, and teaching of “the church” needs to shift. We need to see the idea of being the church more important than the programming of doing the church. When we help our people see that meeting for coffee with your co-workers who don’t know Jesus on Thursday is just as important as coming to Sunday morning gathering, that’s the Church. When we train our people that they are “in ministry” when they are coaching their kid’s soccer team, and how they respond to people in their community of soccer moms/dads is just as important as meeting for worship rehearsal, that’s being the Church. This is how I feel we reach the community in Columbus, GA, where people feel “religion is still important” yet have walked away for one reason or another. We let them know we are ready to walk with them in everyday situations. We help them see that God isn’t afraid of their questions, gray areas, and doubt. We invite them to understand that the Church isn’t just the programming on Sunday morning where we take up an offering for the show and go home. We need to provide space where families feel valued, safe spaces cultivated for people to ask tough questions, some of which we may not have easy answers for, and we redefine what being the church looks like.

So why do we need another church in Columbus, GA:

  • Because God has called and equipped us, our team, to reach this group of people who wrestle with these questions.
  • Because God is still doing God things by reforming and transforming lives, and we are here to join Him and participate in His movement with a life-giving body of believers who gather, grow, give, and go.
  • Because 72% of people surveyed in Columbus, GA, said they have given up on the old way of doing Church, they need something new. They need to see that God hasn’t given up on them and that the Church (the body of Christ) can be and is something they can experience every day in new and fresh ways. Planting The Foundry isn’t a better way of doing Church, but it gives us a chance to rethink being the Church for those who need to see the Church in a fresh light.

Be a part of our story...

“the earnest prayer of a righteous person has great power and produces wonderful results”
(James 5:16 NLT)

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