Forge Classes are The Foundry Church's pathway to membership and leadership. They are created for everyone, from people who are unsure how they feel about this Jesus thing to the seasoned disciple who wants to become an elder in our church.
These gatherings are 60-90 minutes; snacks and drinks will be provided.
These classes are held on the First Sunday (101), Second Sunday (201), Third Sunday (301), and Fourth Sunday (401) of Feb. March, April, Aug., and Oct.

Who Are We

During Forge 101 you will learn about The Foundry Church. We will cover the vision, mission, how do we know if we are on mission, our team, our future, and all that makes up The Foundry Church. You will know if you have found your church home after Forge 101.
(required for membership at The Foundry)

Who Are You

During Forge 201 you will be given the chance to take a spiritual gifts surveys and a leadership assessment survey. These surveys will help you understand who you are created to be in Christ. You will have the chance to schedule a meeting with a leadership coach to dive into your assessments. This will also help you and us to see where you may fit best on the Foundry team.
(required for membership at The Foundry)

Who Is Jesus

During Forge 301 we tackle what it means to be a disciple and how do we make disciples. We cover the biblical basics on making disciples and dive into our processes and systems for making disciples at The Foundry Church. When you complete this class you will be equipped to be a disciple that makes disciples.
(required for leadership at The Foundry)
Who are WE Together
During the Forge 401 class you will find out about leadership and eldership at The Foundry Church. Our Elders are those seasoned disciples who are the spiritual leaders of our church. Our elders are those who are qualified to sit our on Leadership Board of Elders that make sure the vision and the mission of The Foundry Church is being carried out. Those who complete this last step in the Forge Classes are then eligible to be voted onto the Church Leadership Board of Elders.
(required to be considered for eldership and eligible for consideration of a Leadership Board of Elders position at The Foundry Church)